7 Things I Like About Thailand

I really feel at home when I’m in Thailand and there’s a good reason for it. Actually there is precisely 7 reasons for it so here’s a list of 7 Things I Like About Thailand.


Let’s face it, every kid loves monkeys, most kids want to be a monkey and I am no different. When I first saw monkeys in Phuket running wild beside the road and swinging with ease from tree to tree I had to stop and stare with a look of excitement on my face. Like a big kid I thought “Monkeys!!” There’s something about that cute mischievous face that I really adore. Maybe the street dogs like the monkeys mischievous nature too, because on Rang Hill in Phuket the monkeys played chase with the dogs. Yep, first the dog would chase the monkey across the ground up into the tree, then the monkey would chase the dog. The dog would do a quick 180 Ninja spin and face the monkey with his tail wagging and then chase the monkey again. They had so much fun.

7 things I like about Thailand

Thai Food

It’s no secret that the Thai people know how to make delicious food. Thai restaurants are popular in almost every city around the world, but nowhere is it so delicious and authentic as in Thailand itself. You can also enjoy international cuisine all around Thailand thanks to the large expat community like Indian food, Italian, Sushi is very popular, Mexican and of course burgers and chips. If you’re vegan or vegetarian it is very easy to find vegan options thanks to the large demand from vegans.

7 things i like about thailand - the food

Friendly People

Thai people are amazingly friendly, always smiling, very polite and very helpful. Politeness is important in Thai culture which is perhaps why there is almost no road rage like there is sometimes in the west. The Thai people have amazing memories, for example when I dropped off my laundry, the lady looks at your face and says “ok, come back at 3pm”. No ticket, no order number just amazing memory. Same deal in cafes, I went to breakfast and talked to the cafe owner while I was there ordering breakfast, the next day I went back because it was so good and was welcomed with a warm smile and she said “Hi! you want the same salad like yesterday?”.

I feel very safe in Thailand, people very rarely steal anything or cause any problems so I felt no hesitation leaving my helmet hanging on the motorbike while I went into the shopping center. Every one else does the same thing.

Friendly thai

Drinks with friends

The Dental and Medical System

I have heard mixed opinions about this but I think the medical system is really good. Sure there are some public hospitals aren’t world class, but there are some which are absolutely world class. For example when I got hit by a truck I went to Bumrungrad International Hospital which was amazing! I was very well taken care of, in fact it made Cairns Base Hospital look a little bit shabby. The surgeons in Thailand are very good, especially with so many Ladyboys having surgery you know that the plastic surgeons are world class.

Another one of the 7 Things I like about Thailand is the dentists. People fly a from western countries all the way to Thailand to have dental work done because it’s that good, and it’s cheaper than their own country even after paying for flights, accommodation and the dental work. I went to the dentist with my girlfriend when she was having her braces adjusted, and I asked about getting some fillings done (the dentist in Australia said I needed 4 fillings). 1 hour later I left the dentist with all my fillings done right there on the spot, no appointment necessary! I think it cost about $80 for the 4 fillings. AMAZING!

7 things i like about thailand - dentists

Great Service

Remember in Australia years ago when you pulled into a service station and the service station attendant would fill up you car or bike for you? They still have that in Thailand, and they do it very efficiently. The attendant fills up your bike, you hand them the money, and they give you your change with out ever leaving the pump. It’s the same in cafes and restaurants,¬† for example at Factory Cafe you sit down in the luxurious lounges, the waiter comes to take your order, brings your food, then brings your bill when you’re finished. The only time you need to lift your lazy carcass from the comfy lounge is when you leave.

Factory cafe

 Amazing Beaches and Tropical Islands

The beaches and Islands are amazing, especially around the south of Thailand Islands like Ko Lanta, Ko Chang, Phuket, Ko Samui, Ko Lipe and Ko Phi Phi. Here’s a pic of me enjoying a beer on the beach at Patong, Phuket.

Patong Beach

Sunet phuket

Cheap Accommodation

My last holiday in Thailand I stayed in various hotels in BKK and Phuket and all of them were cheaper than renting my house in Australia. Amazing but true, staying in hotels in Thailand is cheaper than my house in Oz. Monthly apartment rental for a longer stay is also very cheap.

7 things I like about thailand - loving life in asia

That concludes my list of

7 Things I like about Thailand

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