As a well-respected athlete, former champion cyclist, and international business man Joel travels the world  riding motorcycles and eating fantastic food.

Born in NSW and  raised in Cairns he lives and breathes a tropical lifestyle because it’s all he has known.

An avid motorcycle and car enthusiast, I love all things with engines and wheels. Whether racing motocross, riding bicycles or tearing up the streets of Phuket on a Honda Scoopy  every day is filled with creativity in one form or another.

I am not a travel blogger by any means, I can barley string a sentence together. I just update this blog because I LOVE Thailand maybe someone will find the info here useful. Since starting my own business in 2013 I never looked back. I have a few businesses/projects now:

I design websites here: www.HiflowMarketing.com

I trade and teach currency trading here: www.HappySignals.ninja

I blog here: www.LovingLifeinAsia.com

I paint houses when I’m in Australia: www.WaltersPaintingServices.com

Joel Walters