Born in NSW and  raised in Cairns I live and breathe a tropical lifestyle because it’s all I have known.

I almost died in a serious accident in Bangkok in 2014. I got hit by a truck while I was crossing the road.

I suffered serious head injuries (brain swelling and bleeding, and severe memory loss) and a broken leg. It was questionable if I would live, or even make a full recovery.

Now I live life in the moment.

Free from the fear and anxiety about the future. Free from the sorry and regret about the past.

Now is all we ever have.

Our whole life unfolds in the now, from the moment we are born to the moment we die.

I don’t know anyone who has experienced the future.

So I stopped trying to get there.

Instead I am just grateful to be alive now.

When you face your own death, you appreciated life much more.

An avid motorcycle and car enthusiast, I love all things with engines and wheels. Whether racing motocross, riding bicycles or tearing up the streets of Phuket on a Honda Scoopy  every day is filled with creativity in one form or another.

I am not a travel blogger by any means, I can barley string a sentence together. I just update this blog because I LOVE Thailand maybe someone will find the info here useful. Since starting my own business in 2013 I never looked back. I have a few businesses/projects now:

I design websites here: www.HiflowMarketing.com

I trade foreign currencies and sometimes have brain farts about it: www.Hiflowmarketing.com/trading

I blog here: www.LovingLifeinAsia.com

I paint houses when I’m in Australia: www.WaltersPaintingServices.com

Joel Walters