Breaking Free From The 9-5

Travel the World and Make Money Online

The idea started for me when I was internet marketing. One of my friends from the US was also an internet marketer living in Bangkok. We were both making $1000’s of dollars on a good day, but he was in a country were you could live easily for $1000 a month. It was mind boggling when I realized how much money he was saving. That’s when I decided I wanted to live in Thailand, but my girlfriend at the time was against the idea. So we stayed in Australia.


Fast forward 2 years and I was a single man again, and the internet business was no more (for various reasons). I had started a painting business which was very successful and decided to take some time off and go for a holiday to Thailand. I immediately fell in love with the place, and almost died after getting hit by a truck (true story, read about it here).

I came back to Australia in a wheelchair with brain damage and a broken leg. As it turned out it was 12 months before I could walk again and there was no way I could paint houses. During that time I thought “What would I do if i could never paint again?” (leg amputation was a very real and slightly disturbing possibility). I came across online Forex Trading. I practiced and practiced for a year – hey I had plenty of time.¬†Amazingly my brain still works so I can learn stuff and remember stuff. Eventually an exciting new reality emerged out of disastrous circumstances, I had an online business again which I could take with me and live over seas.

I discovered through Youtube that there is a whole movement of people who are doing the same thing. Commonly referred to as Digital Nomads they have also left the 9-5 behind and pioneered a whole new lifestyle with much more freedom. No matter what the circumstances are of your life, you can always make a positive change. It starts with a simple decision to do so.

Here’s some inspiring interviews from Chang Mai Digital Nomads Johnny FD and Jordan Bishop.