Cheap Beer & Amazing Food – Phuket

In a complete 180 from my last post with almost no words, I’d like to write multiple words about my love of Thai food. My girlfriend would constantly say to me “remember to eat”, and I did so with great enthusiasm, and how could you not? The food is AMAZING! Every day I would enjoy as much Thai food as I could fit in. So as a way to remember all the food I ate, here is a list of some of my favorite dishes.

Mango Sticky Rice

I love this any time of day, I often found myself eating this in the mornings for breakfast as it is quite a big meal. I also enjoy the many variations of sticky rice which can be eaten as deserts after a meal. Mango sticky rice usually comes with the rice and Mango together with a little bag of coconut cream which is poured over just before eating.

Breakfast this morning from the local markets

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Pork Noodle Soup

By far my favorite Thai dish, pork noodle soup is sadly only found in Thailand. Noodle Cafes lined the streets of Phuket Old Town with different variations of the soup like Pork Blood soup, Thom Yum soup and a clear broth which I’m not entirely sure of the name but what I can say is they were all delicious. The noodle soup was a favorite lunch of mine.


My number one choice for breakfast was a nice salad. The salad I have pictured here was 50 baht from a local street side cafe, served with coffee, green tea and pork balls on the side. Of course there are more traditional Thai salads on offer as well like the Som Tam which is shaved papaya tossed in a mortar and pestle with carrots, peanuts, tomatoes, string beans, palm sugar, fish sauce, and a whole lot of chilies. It’s as delicious and amazing as it is fiery.

Breakfast – 130 baht

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Banana Pancakes

I can’t write about Thai food without mentioning Banana pancakes. Often found in little street side carts the pancake is fried with banana and egg and topped with condensed milk and chocolate sauce. This is a sweet explosion of yuminess for your taste buds.

More Pork

I am not sure what this dish is but I ate it a lot. Here at the Factory Cafe it was pork, egg, rice and salads on the side and it was amazing! The coffee here was also amazing.

Breakfast this morning at Factory Cafe – This is now my favourite place for coffee and food.

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Breakfast with my beautiful girl

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There is simply too much delicious food around Phuket to fit into one post, so I’d like to talk about beer quickly. A perfect addition to a tasty Thai meal beer can be purchased from any 7-11, Family Mart or super market for a fraction of the cost of beer in Australia. Needless to say I enjoyed beer almost every day with dinner.