How to open a Thai Bank Account

After enduring 2 months of currency conversion fees and other bank fees withdrawing money from my Australian bank account in Thailand, I decided to open a Thai bank account. I’m no expert on Thai banks but I did manage to open an account with a 6 month VISA and no work permit. Here’s how to open a Thai bank account.

SCB – Siam Commercial Bank

SCB – Siam Commercial Bank was the first bank I visited. They asked me for a 1 year VISA, passport and a work permit. I had neither of those so onto the next bank. I tried another branch of SCB but they had exactly the same requirements.

Kasikorn bank

Kasikorn bank was the next bank I visited. They also asked me for my passport and a work permit as an essential requirement. No luck there. I also visited Bangkok Bank and they said if I went to Immigration and got a certificate with my current address on it I could open an account without a work permit. That was just too much work for me. I could see a theme emerging here, and was beginning t0 think it would be impossible to open an account without a work permit.

Krungsi Bank

How to open a thai bank account

And the winner is Krungsi Bank! I had success opening an account here at Krungsi with the following documents. And they didn’t ask for any work permit. Sweet!

  1. Passport
  2. A copy of my 6 month lease agreement

After visiting 6 banks I finally had a Thai bank account, setup with internet banking and the app on my phone.

How to open a Thai bank account