Kathu Waterfall Phuket

The Kathu Waterfall Phuket is located between Patong and Phuket Town. It’s an amazingly beautiful area, if you get the chance to ride a motorbike there I would highly recommend it. The lush tropical plant life makes the ride there a pleasure. Once you get to the water fall entrance park your bike and walk up the path through the jungle and soon the jungle reveals to you an amazing set of natural pools fed by the waterfall itself.

The steps leading up to the Kathu Waterfall

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Went for a ride today to beautiful Kathu Waterfall.

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The pools will rise and fall in water level, depending on the amount of rain. In the wet season around this time of year in JULY there should be plenty of water in them. You can climb higher up the Kathu waterfall Phuket if you’re feeling adventurous but it is quite steep so be ready for a good workout.

Below is a video I took when I was there. As you can see it’s very beautiful and it’s a great place to swim, relax or even have a picnic. It’s great to spend a few hours up here and be close to nature, let the sound of the insects and singing birds fully relax you.

Kathu waterfall today

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Take a Walk to the Top

The picture below is the steps leading further to the top of the Kathu waterfall phuket.

kathu waterfall phuket



Here is a map showing the location

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