My Last Holiday To Phuket

I haven’t updated this blog in a few months. After my VISA expired and I came back to Australia I haven’t been inspired to write anything.

My dream of living on a tropical island in Thailand had come to an end.


I’ve been living in Australia, and just scratching my balls really, so I had nothing to write about.

So I went back to Thailand, my second home for a 3 week holiday.

I know, I know.

It’s a little short….

What follows is a series of brain farts as I fumble and attempt to explain my last holiday to Phuket.

Flying Back To Phuket

After a few lazy Google searches on the couch I had booked an Air BNB, and my flights back to Phuket in June.

I remember vividly organizing with Cherie to pick me up at the airport in Phuket.

But she wasn’t here.


So I waited another half an hour or so.

Still nothing.

I called her, and she answered in a tone of voice like she had just woken up.

What unsettled me the most was the voice on the other end of the phone.


Was I just talking to my girlfriend or a gorilla?

She finally arrived at the airport more than an hour after the pickup time.

I found out later she had been up partying all night, got stupidly drunk to the point she lost her voice completely and slept in.

And forgot about me:(

That’s what happens I guess when you work 80 hours a week for months on end and finally get 3 weeks holiday.

Party time.

Fortunately the Air BNB check-in went a lot smoother.

Over the next few days we played tour guides for Cheries family. Her parents and nephew flew down from Bangkok.

They had never been to Phuket before and we had a great time showing them around.

Lunch at seafood markets in Rawai, Phuket
Lunch at the seafood markets in Rawai, Phuket.

Road Trip!

I always get excited about road trips.

We left Phuket in the morning and set course for Bangkok.

Last time I did a road trip in Thailand was when we bought the car in Bangkok, and drove it back to Phuket.

The country side is amazing, and the roads are surprisingly good.

First night we stopped in the seaside resort town of Hua Hin, then on the second day we drove the rest of the way to Bangkok.

Taking a coffee break at Phang Nga
Taking a coffee break at Phang Nga

Hitting Bangkok In Style

Bangkok is well known for the high end hotels and huge shopping centers.

I wanted to experience both on this trip.

I had picked the Grand Sukhumvit Hotel in Bangkok because it looked amazing.

When we arrived for check-in, we quickly realized it was the wrong place.

It didn’t look anything like the pictures I was drooling over on the internet.

Turns out the Grand Sukhumvit and the Sukhumvit Grand are two completely different hotels.

Who knew?

Possible onset of dyslexia.

Good thing was we got a free room upgrade. We got a fully decked out, apartment sized room on the 25th floor with AMAZING views of the city.

Not a bad mistake.

That’s one of the advantages when your girlfriend is a manager at a Pullman Resort.

Discounted rates and free room upgrades at hotels all around South East Asia.

The next day we went shopping along Sukhumvit Rd.

One thing I learned from shopping with Cherrie in the past – “Always make sure I’m sufficiently caffeinated”.

No one knows how to shop like a Thai ladyboy.

After drinking a decent long black,  we were on the BTS skytrain downtown to do some shopping.

I had a secret agenda for our shopping mission….. Find a nice shirt.

I found one, but did a terrible job of  keeping it secret.

By the end of the day, we were high after the rush of buying stuff, like a pair of crack addicts.

That could have been due to the multiple coffees.

Later that night we ate dinner at Asiatique. A beautiful night spot for riverfront dining and shopping at local markets.

Asiatique, Bangkok
Dinner at Capri Asiatique, Bangkok.
Dinner at Capri Asiatique, Bangkok.

Craft Beer Bars

The craft beer scene has been exploding in Thailand recently, giving beer lovers like me even more reason to drink beer.

One night we randomly found a nice little craft beer bar on the way back from dinner.

How could I resist?

We hit the bar and downed a few delicious craft beers.

The bartender told me to stop hitting the bar and just and be cool. Anyway.

The combination of a multitude of beers which I had never tried before, and a mild hangover led to a slightly embarrassing situation later that night…

I got out of bed to go to the toilet, as you do late at night.

I walked through the bathroom door and realized that I was standing in the hotel hallway. NAKED.

Whoops, wrong door…. YOLO!

Yes they had security cameras in the hallway.

Yes I walked through the reception with my head down when we checked out, so they didn’t recognize that naked guy.

On the other days we would hangout with Cheries family.

Sometimes hanging out at their home, or going on little trips around Bangkok.

It’s always interesting rolling with locals in Thailand, you get to see the real Thailand and life from the locals point of view.

A rich cultural experience I’ll always remember.

Visiting the temple inside a cave. Amazing!

BKK to Phuket

Time for another road trip from Bangkok to Phuket, this time just the two of us.

We said goodbye to Cheries family and hit the road.

There’s a big contrast between Bangkok and Phuket.

While I love Bangkok, it’s good in smaller doses.

I couldn’t live there.

I much prefer the laid back island life in Phuket.

I had 1 week left before my flight back to Australia.

I booked a nice hotel in Bangtao Beach, Phuket for the remaining 7 days.

The 6th Avenue Hotel in Surin was my favorite of the whole trip.

Yep, even better than the Grand Sukhumvit, or Sukhumvit Grand….. Whatever it was called.

I like the roof top gym, restaurant and infinity edge swimming pool with views of the beach.

In terms of “design” this hotel was the bomb on every level.

6th Avenue Hotel Rooftop Pool

I hired a motobike as soon as we got to Phuket.

Riding a motobike around  Phuket is really the best way to get around the island.

I felt alive again riding the bike around!

The scenic roads rolling through the hills with amazing views of the Andaman sea.

The tropical breeze in my face.

The tropical bugs hitting my face.

My life had reached a pinnacle.

I was so excited to be living the island life again.

And swallowing the island bugs.

There is something so special about being close to nature, in the tropics.


The Honda Scoopy (Valentino Rossi was jealous)

Oh, by the way…

As the first photo alludes to a hint of marriage…

We got engaged.

As for the wedding, it’s still in planning with no set dates yet.

Possibly in Phuket or even Australia now.

We’ll see.


Dinner at Palm Seaside, Bangtao Beach, Phuket